The ambiance is romantic, just like Italy itself.
There were 5 tables full of guests and only one waiter. He tried his best, and was very attentive. 5 stars for him.
The food was excellent, i had the Portobello mushroom to start. And then then Pasta with Porchini Mushroom, and Veal with apple slices. Hmmm…great pairing with the Chianti Red wine.
After we had their Tiramisu, it was amazing, not very sweet just the way i like it and explosion of espresso tastes.
I highly recommend this place for couples looking for a romantic place for dinner and not wanting to drive all the way out to downtown.


I cannot explain how ecstatic i was with this restaurant. Upon reading the reviews we figured it was time to try after reading the, “wheres the tip” review, being so bad in there ONE time experience. I have been to so many restaurants around the world and i have to say pardon my word but @#%! happens, in every restaurant. The one you may think is the best may be because you did not catch them on a bad day, try going to that same restaurant over and over again your view could change. I just want to say this place is a wonderful place to relax, eat, drink, and talk. You should also not try it just once if your FIRST experience was not the best.
Food – My appetizer was good GRILLED prawns they were GRILLED like the menu stated. The serverasked if i wanted something else if i did not like the way they make there food, i said no its just what i ordered i thought i was a good thing they offered to fix the problem if there was one.
Service – “Up where” the tim hortons drive though with young untrained employee’s i said one sugar and three cream. Any way yes they were busy most likely under staffed but they handled it so well just watching them work fast, but getting things done and saying things like pardon my reach was good to here instead of reaching unwarned. The service was authentic? what is authentic serving look it up or dine with the queen of england to see the top service. Me and my guests were glad the server wasn’t a show of and took his job serious by coming back to clear the rest of the table instead of taking it all at once and dropping it. We felt so STRONG about the service strong meaning plus, good and tipping because if your food is burnt the server didn’t cook it the chef did. And if i was rude and didn’t give the benefit of the doubt by not tipping i wouldn’t show our faces again either….
Value – The bill for 4 people was $72.84 for 4 appetizers and 4 main courses the drinks were extra of course but thats every where you go and i didn’t feel that they owed me money because i got my food and drinks and i didn’t have to go to the kitchen to get my own food or go to the bar to mix my own drinks.
Ambiance – WE enjoyed the restaurant, just the right mood.Overall great place to try more than once.


This is a nice restaurant. Adult atmosphere, good food and a lovely wine selection. In my books this is one of the best restaurants in Maple Ridge. Good enough for special occasions.


Sometimes a bit busy but the food is different enough to keep us coming back. Hmm The interior is modern but comfortable. We noticed that a few parties left while in the waiting area because they weren’t acknowledged further by the front staff or offered cocktails by the bar staff.

Kits Foodie

Visited La Trattoria last night (16th Feb 08) with a party of 12 people for my wife’s birthday. The service was excellent. Friendly & professional staff. The food and wine (large choice) even better. All of our party were served on time and together with a wide variety of excellently presented dishes. Nice ambiance too. Will certainly go back soon. Well done La Trattoria..!


Great food. Wonderful atmosphere. professional service.vomica
Have been here at least 8 times. Food is very tasty and service has always been good. I love the steak and gorgonzola sauce. Applies are generous and a good start to a great meal